Anti-Fatigue Mat

    • Reflex Anti-fatigue mats blend of resilient sponge base with a unique embossed domed surface provide the simplest and most effective way to reduce standing worker fatigue and stress.
    • Reflex Anti-fatigue mats have a 3/16" thick surface permanently bonded to a 3/8" thick resilient sponge base. Overall thickness is 9/16".
    Marbelized Mat
    • Tile top is constructed of 3/32" heavy duty marbleized vinyl tile surface permanently bonded to a 3/8" resilient sponge base. Overall thickness is approximately 1/2".
    • A matting that provides comfort for people who stand at counters, copiers and teller stations widely used by banks, and office personnel.
    • Positively not guaranteed against damage from spike heels, casters, or pointed stool legs.
    • Tile top is available in standard stock sizes and in roll lengths. Edges will be beveled.
    5 Pocket Full Page Jogger
    • Ideal for high volume full page scanning
    • This unit has a unique design for easy access and removal of 8 1/2" x 11" page jogging
    • Use with IBML, Banctec and Opex scanners
    • Purchase with or without a stand
    Pic 5 Pocket Jogger
    TJ-2 Jogger Stand
      Jogger TJ-2 Portable Stand 24" High
    Single Bin Jogger
      Jogger J-50-B W/Single Tray Tilt Rack
    J-50 4-Bin
      Jogger J-50-B with 4 Pocket Tilt Rack
    TJ-2 12 Bin Jogger
      Jogger TJ-2-B W/12 Pocket Rack W/Whisper Dek 115/60 (Includes Noise Reduction Liner)

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